This article will cover how to access the message tracking feature of MPexchange.


  • A Partner/Customer admin log in to MPexchange
  • The Customer you want to track the email for
  • Details of the email you want to track such as Date/Time, Sender, Recipient, Subject Line

The Process

  • Log into your Partner Portal
  • Expand the Customer Accounts Menu on the left
  • Select Active Accounts
  • Click Login next to the Customer you want to create a mailbox for
  • Click on the Services Menu then Email Protection

  • Click Email Tracking under Email Management

  • Enter the details of the email you are searching for

  • The portal will search with your specified parameters and return a summary of the emails that match.
  • If any emails have been quarantined, they can be delivered from here.

Note that delivered emails are not retained, and so cannot be re-delivered. This search just indicates if an email was received and delivered, or quarantined.