How to upgrade a team to Workplace version 10


A Workplace reseller account with access to your Workplace Manager portal

The Process

This guide will show you how to enable Workplace v10 access for a team under your reseller portal.

Please note that Workplace v10 is an entirely new user experience that may require a short demonstration or explanation when making the change for the first time. Because of this, Manage Protect has disabled any automated upgrade or end user notifications so that you, the MSP, can roll out the new Workplace to your customers at your own pace.

Workplace v10 can be run in conjunction with Workplace v8.2, allowing users to get comfortable with the new experience before uninstalling the Workplace Desktop.

How do I enable Workplace v10 access for a team?

Workplace v10 access can be enabled on a per team basis from within your Reseller Portal.

As shown in the screenshot below, simply right-click on the team in the Teams tab or toggle the “Enable v10 Access” option in the Create Team or Edit Team views.


Hint: If you want to enable Workplace v10 access for several teams, select multiple teams in the Teams tab and enable access from the right-click menu.

What happens if I make Workplace v10 available to a team?

By making Workplace v10 accessible, users in the Team will:

  • Be notified via Workplace Desktop to download and install Workplace v10
  • See a promotion banner on the Dashboard in Workplace Online
  • See Workplace v10 as the primary download option on the Devices tab

If you require any more assistance navigating the changes of v10, please feel free to reach out to your Partner Manager or to set up a demonstration, or contact with any questions.