This article will cover how you can upload a PST into Outlook Backup, assign it to a mailbox and restore the data into that mailbox.


The Process

  • Log into your Partner Portal
  • Expand the Customer Accounts Menu on the left
  • Select Active Accounts
  • Click Login next to the Customer
  • Click on the Services Menu then Outlook Backup

  • Click Backup

  • On the right hand side it will give you the FTP details you will need

  1. Enter the details into the FTP client then drag and drop the PSTs in the sub folder of the Customer you want to upload the PST to
  2. After the file is uploaded you will be able to see the file there, click Assign and choose the mailbox to assign it to
  3. Click Restore
  4. Tick the backup to Restore
  5. Click Restore