This article will cover what you will need to provide to Manage Protect to have MPweb provisioned for you. At this time there is no way to add this to your Partner account without contacting us.


  • A Webroot GSM portal through Manage Protect
  • Your Webroot Keycode if you do not have it through Manage Protect
  • How many licences of MPweb DNS you would like

The Process

This product must be provisioned by Manage Protect, please send the following information to or your Account Manager:

Do you currently have Webroot AV with us or another provider.
Can you provide your Webroot GSM Keycode
How many licences of MPweb - DNS would you like
Please note if you have Webroot AV with another provider you will need to have this moved to Manage Protect for us to be able to provision MPweb that works with your current Webroot GSM. We are happy to setup a new GSM for you in the meantime for you to trial the product.