This article will cover the process of migrating your Customer from a US server to Australian server.


  • Customer located on US server
  • Access to the DNS zone file
  • Minimum Outlook 2010 SP2

The Process

Pre-migration setup

You will need to ensure that you have at least Outlook 2010 (SP2) installed on each Users PC.

Mobile devices will need to be setup again, as they do not check in with autodiscover to connect to the new server.

If you do not have MPmail then you will need to change the MX records after the migration is complete. Please move your TTL to 5 minutes the day before the migration is due to cutover. You will also be upgraded to Business365 Essentials once the migration has been complete. 

Please note that sometimes the password will need to be reset as it does not meet Exchange 2016 requirements.


Once the customer has decided they want to move to the Australian DC, you will need to send in a ticket to confirming the Customer and that they want to move. Also please note in the ticket that you are aware you will have make DNS changes (we can do this if you want but will need the URL and credentials) and that you will need to setup the mobile devices again.

We will then process the migration with the Exchange engineers. Once we reach 90% we will contact you to arrange a date/time to cutover to the new server.

At the cutover time we will make the change to MPmail to deliver to the new server. If you are not using MPmail then you will need to point the MX records to

You will then change the Autodiscover record to point to

When the cutover is done the end users will receive a pop-up to ask if they accept the new server. They will need to tick the box that says Always Trust This Server then click OK/Accept. They may receive a SSL alert/message at this time, if they do just click OK/Accept.

Mobile devices after this will stop receiving any new mail until the account is deleted and re-added on the device. The username will be their email address and the server is:

After you or the User has done this the migration is complete.