This article will cover how to Whitelist/Blacklist a senders address as an End User.


The Process

There are three ways for you to Whitelist/Blacklist an entry as an End User. You can either use the MPmail Portal from the email livetracking screen, the Deny & Allow Lists page or the Outlook Add-in. Please see What Is The Outlook Add-in and What Does It Do for details on how to install the Add-in.

Livetracking screen

  • Sign into
  • Tick an Email with the sender you want to Allow/Deny
  • Click the coloured arrow at the right to expand the options
  • Select Either Add Sender to Deny List or Add Sender to Allow List and Deliver email

  • Deny & Allow lists page

    • Log into
    • Select the Deny & Allow Lists option on the right
    • Choose the Deny List or Allow List tab. Please note if the same entry is on both lists then the Whitelist will be applied.
    • Click Add Entry
    • Enter the address and click Add at the right of the text entry field

  • Outlook Add-In

    • Select the Email in your Outlook
    • Click Blacklist or Whitelist