Sometimes an advanced compliance filter won't work, especially if the MIME and sender address are different(for instance if someone uses an automated mail system)


  • A MPmail subscription

The Process

  1. Select the customer's domain in 
  2. Click "security settings" on the left menu
  3. Click "Compliance filter"
  4. You will get prompted to allow flash. Make sure you allow it
  5. Make sure "Activate compliance filter" is checked.
  6. Click "Add"
  7. Select a direction, inbound or outbound
  8. Change "Type" from advanced to Email Header
  9. Paste (From:.*<deutsche\_bank\_equity\_research\@xmr3\.com>.*) into the text field, including the brackets
  10. Change the words out for the words in the address you want to use. The slashes before the punctuation need to be used as needed. They are escape characters to denote underscores @ symbols and dots.
  11. Click OK. If you can't see the OK button, drag the window up a bit.
  12. Click save.
Apparently, the new MPmail HTML portal doesn't require all this. Just use the format