This article will cover how to deliver, whitelist and preview an email from your daily quarantine report. Please keep in mind will only be able to deliver and/or whitelist emails that are quarantined due to infomail or spam.

If a message is blocked due to content or virus please contact your IT Support provider. This is to ensure the highest level of protection for your network.


You will need a Quarantine Report as per the image below (click to enlarge).

The ProcessTo preview the emailOpen the quarantine report email.

  1. You will see the list of quarantined emails.
  2. Click on the preview button in the email (as per the above image). You will be take to a preview page.
  3. If you want to deliver you can easily do this by clicking on the "Deliver email" button within the preview portal (as per below image).

To Deliver and allow the email

  1. Open the quarantine report email.
  2. You will see the list of quarantined emails.
  3. Click on the deliver within the email (as per above image). You will be taken to the MPmail portal.
  4. The email will be delivered automatically to you within a few minutes after clicking on the link.
  5. When in the portal, you will have the option to whitelist or report the email as spam as per the image below (click to enlarge).
  6. "Add sender to allow list" will add that address to your personal whitelist.
  7. "This email was indeed spam" will report the messages as a false negive

MPmail portal

If after you have done this the sender tries to email you a blocked attachment or email with a virus that will still be blocked. If you would like to receive all attachments from a particular address you will need to contact your IT support provider.