This article will cover what you need to include in your SPF for MPmail if using the outbound mail relay


  • A MPmail Customer
  • Access to your Customers DNS

The Process

If you need to use a SPF record to help authenticate your domain, the template is below.

v=spf1 a:<domain name> ~all


v=spf1 ip4:<IP address> ~all

Replace parts surrounded by <> with the relevant record.


SPF should contain an include or IP for every service that can send emails on behalf of the domain. The above is simply the SPF that is required for using the MPmail outbound relay to send emails.

If the domain is using any other services that send email on behalf of that domain - for example accounting software or online services, marketing platforms - these also need to have an entry in the SPF record.

As these services are outside of the scope of Manage Protect support, information on these will need to be directed to the organisation that provides the service.