MPexchange is Manage Protect's Hosted exchange bundle with Spam filtering, Continuity service and email backup.


An account to allow you to log in to (email for assistance).

The Process

  1. MPmail(Ultimate Access) is provisioned as per
  2. be sure to select "MPMUA" for the product.
  3. MPexchange will be provisioned if you click the logo while MPmail has been provisioned. 
  4. MPexchange Bundle also includes Backup365, which is provisioned by clicking the logo. 
  5. Note: If you attempt to provision MPexchange without MPMail present, you will see which is our "Business365" service. This is the standalone hosted exchange service without Backup365 or MPmail. It doesn't have the same functionality and isn't charged at the bundle price. If you find yourself struggling to provision the bundle you want, please contact

First, Click the Dropdown menu which typically says "None Selected.":

  • Select MPmail, then provision as per
  • Select MPexchange. Add the mailboxes (MAPI) and Distribution Lists(DL) that your customer requires.
  • Select Backup365. Converge will connect to the Exchange service and find the mailboxes. This can take up to a minute as it is connecting to the Hosted exchange server in real time. If it has been a minute and nothing has happened, feel free to refresh and search for your customer. If it still isn't working, reach out to and we'll fix it for you.
  • Turn on Backup365 for the mailboxes. Then select "Enable Auto" so all future mailboxes are backed up for the customer.

MPexchange Bundle includes Backup365. As such, there is no financial change to leaving mailboxes un-backed-up under MPexchange. So, to endure maximum data integrity and security, please enable Backup365 for all mailboxes under MPexchange.