This explains how to provision Workplace within 


The Process

  1. Login to
  2. Click "Services" on the Navigation Bar.
  3. Under "Workplace Team Details," select the customer you wish to provision Workplace for. If the customer doesn't yet exist;
    • Create the customer by entering their company name and clicking create 
  4. Click on the Select Service Dropdown Menu and select Workplace 
  5. Select the Metered or Unlimited plan.
    • Pricing and Info on the different product plans is available from Sales by calling 1300657500 ext 2.
  6. Enter the number of users needing workplace installed on their devices in the users field.
  7. Enter the number of Workplace servers needed.
  8. If any additional storage is required(Metered plan only) enter the quantity.
  9. Click "Create."
  10. Login to with your reseller credentials.
  11. Click "view teams"
  12. Click the team you created and go to Manage Team. You may need to scroll right to see the button, depending on your browser's resolution.
  13. Create the users needed. They will be sent welcome emails to create passwords and download the desktop agent.