How to setup audit access


  • MParchive subscription
  • An admin username
  • A 2nd login that will be used as the 2nd auditor

The Process

You can access the new portal at using your existing MPmail credentials.

This portal provides access to both email & archive, both within the same “Email Live Tracking” portal. From here you are able to search for messages, re-send them, or view information about them (including headers etc).




Under “Security Settings” on the left menu you will see the Email Audit Archive configuration.



Once you set these up, it sends an email to both the “First Auditor” and the “Second auditor” with both a URL to go to for the archive audit function, as well as a “code/password” for each person to provide (kind of like nuclear launch keys back in the day).



When you go to this URL, you are prompted for: “Auditor Username”… which is your email address.

“Auditor Password” … which is the code (”651018” in the example email above ) you received in the email sent to you when you setup audit (above).

“Password”… which is the code that is sent to the “Second auditor” in their email.



From there you should be good to go.