This article will cover how to setup program/folders to not be scanned by MPAV for Users.


  • An admin level login to the GSM portal
  • At least one Site setup
  • The program/folder path you want to override

The Process

  • Log into your GSM console
  • Click on Sites
  • Click on the hyperlinked name of the Site you want to import a policy for
  • Click Endpoint Protection tab

  • Click on Overrides
  • Choose File & Folder Overrides
  • Choose Whitelist

  • Click Create
  • Name the Override
  • Select Path/File
  • File Mask - this is the executable name e.g. skype.exe
  • Path Mask - this is the path of the file you are wanting to override
  • You can include subfolders
  • Detect - gives you the choice if it detects as a virus to block it or always allow
  • Choose if you want to add it to the Global Override. This will override for all Customer Sites
  • You can also apply to a Policy, click Yes then choose the Policy you want to apply it to