This article will cover how to add an allow or deny list entry as an admin


  • An admin level log in to the MPmail Portal (partner or customer)
  • The MPmail Customer you want to add the allow or deny list entry for
  • Whether it is a User or Domain level entry

The Process

Adding an entry from the live tracking

  • Log into MPmail using your admin level account
  • Select the Customer domain from the scope selector at the top right (or if you only want to add an entry for an individual, select their email address)
  • Click the coloured arrow on the right of an email with the sender you want to Allow/Deny
  • Select Add Sender to Allow List or Add Sender to Deny List

To view the Allow/Deny List:

  • Select the scope (user or domain) from the selector at the top right.
  • Click the Deny & Allow List option from the left menu.
  • This will show you the Allow List first by default, be sure to change to the Deny List tab if you want to view/edit the Deny List. Note the the screens differ for users and domains as the domain list has additional options.
  • From here you can also add to/remove from the lists by clicking Add and entering the details to Add or by clicking the X on the right of the sender to remove

User level deny and allow lists screen:

Domain level deny and allow lists screen

Additional options for domain allow lists

When adding a domain allow list, you can choose what sort of source to allow.

This can be a

  • email address
  • email domain
  • IP address or range

You can also choose what type of detection to allow as shown in the below screenshot.

Enter the type of source, the value of the source, and optionally a description.

Then from the check boxes, choose which type of email detection to allow.

Click OK to confirm.