This article will guide you through how to manually create users as well as setup LDAP


  • A Partner/Customer admin level account
  • The user email address you want to create
  • The details of your server for LDAP if you want to set that up 

The Process

Manual Setup

If you have left the default settings then users will be created when they receive more than 2 clean emails in a 24 hour period. If you want to manually create users you can do the following: 

LDAP Setup

You can also setup LDAP with your Active Directory to pull the users and sync their passwords. To do this use the following instructions:

  • Navigate to Service Dashboard > LDAP Connection.            
  • Toggle the switch Activate LDAP connection.                

  • Fill out the form as follows:                
    • User: User name of an LDAP user with read rights over the directory structure under the base DN. The user can also be entered through his email address or the LDAP path.                 
    • Password: Password of the user.             
    • Server: IP address or hostname of your directory server.               
    • Port: Port of your directory service. The default ports for the different LDAPprotocols are:
      • LDAP: Port 389
      • LDAPS: Port 636
      • GC_LDAP: Port 3268
      • GC_LDAPS: Port 3269      
    • Base DN: LDAP base distinguished name under which the user can be found. For example: DC=myDomain,DC=tld.           
  • Click on Apply changes
  • The LDAP connection to your directory server has been configured.