This article describes how to setup the ability to release quarantined messages to a nominated email address. This email address can be external to the Customer you are setting it for.


  • A valid Partner/Customer Admin login
  • A valid Email address to release messages to

The Process

To setup a nominated address to this feature please do the following:

  • Log into MPMail Control Panel
  • Select the Customer from the scope selector at the top right
  • Click on Service Dashboard on the right
  • Expand the Role Management and Contacts pane if not already done
  • Click Add Entry
  • Select 'send email to admin' from the role selector and enter the address of the user. Note that this must be an existing user in the control panel
  • Click Add

  • The portal may need to be reloaded for the option to appear.
  • From the Email Live Tracking screen for that customer, click the icon to the left of the date range selector to show the expanded options. You should see the Send Email to admin option