This article will describe how to assign a different role to a User. This can be a new role you have created, the default Administrator role or an End User.


  • Partner or Customer level admin role for MPmail
  • A valid existing User account that you want to assign rights to

The Process

Giving a User a New Role - Domain Level

To set a different role at the domain level for them please do the following:

  • Login to the MPMail Control Panel
  • Select the scope at the top right of the screen. Select your partner organisation if you need the user to manage all your customers or select an individual domain if they should only have access to that domain
  • Click the Service Dashboard option on the right
  • Expand the Role Management and Contacts pane if not already done
  • Click add entry
  • Select a role from the drop down menu and enter the email address of the user. Note that the user has to exist in the portal already
    Roles : admin - full access to all menu options for the partner/domain.
    Service Desk - access to the live tracking and allow/deny list menu options only for the partner/domain.
  • Click Add

When the user logs in, they will need to go to the top right where their email address is. This will now be a drop down menu where they can select the domains that they have access to