This article will cover how to setup journaling on an Office 365 customer.


  • A Customer with MParchive
  • All Outbound Traffic going via Manage Protect smarthost. See How To Send All Traffic Outbound - Office 365
  • Office 365 admin account

The Process

Note - Your unique journal address will be

For example:

Step 1 - Outbound Connector

IMPORTANT - You will need to set all your Outbound traffic to go through our smart host, please see How To Send All Traffic Outbound - Office 365


Step 2 - Create an External Contact 

  • Open the EAC (Exchange Admin Centre)
  • Go to Recipients then Contacts
  • Click the + to create a new mail contact
  • Name it MPArchive Journal
  • The External Email Address will be your unique journaling address

Step 3 - Create a Recipient Group

  • In Recipients go to Groups
  • Click the + to create a new Distribution Group
  • Name it MPArchive Journal Rejections and fill out the other details that make sense to you
  • Add the people in your company who would need to know if messages are not journaled

Step 4 - Add the Distribution Group to the Undeliverable Journal Reports

  • In the Exchange Admin Centre, go to Compliance Management
  • Click on Journal Rules
  • Just above the + icon will be a line that says "Send undeliverable journal reports to"
  • Click the Select Address
  • Add the Distribution Group you created
  • Click Ok
  • Click Save

Step 5 - Create the Journal Rule

  • Click the + button to create a new journal rule
  • In the Send Journal Reports to, enter the Contact Display Name that you created in Step 1
  • Give it a name that makes sense to you
  • Set both drop downs to Apply to all messages
  • Click Save
  • Verify that the full address appears under Send Journal Reports to