This article will cover how to set up journaling on an Office 365 customer.


  • A Customer with MParchive
  • All Outbound Traffic going via Manage Protect smarthost. See this article for details on setting the outbound connector.
  • Microsoft 365 admin account

The Process

Note :

[domain] will always refer to the internet domain of the account being setup.

For example ''.

  1. Outbound Connector must be set as per this article

  2. Login as an administrator to the M365 portal.

  3. Set up a contact to receive undeliverable journals.

    In the M365 admin centre, click on Users, Contacts.
    Click to Add a contact
    Enter the display name of 'Undeliverable Journals'
    Enter the email address of 'undeliverable@[domain]'
    Click Add

  4. Setup recipient for Undeliverable journals
    In the left menu, click to show all admin centres, then click into Compliance
    Click into Data lifecycle management, Exchange (legacy)
    Click Settings at top right.
    Click Undeliverable reports, and enter the email address of the contact created in step 2.

  5. Setup Journaling
    Click into Exchange (legacy)
    Click Journal rules
    Click new rule
    In Send journal reports to, enter the email address
    In Journal rule name, enter 'MParchive Journaling'
    In Journal messages sent or received from, select 'Everyone'
    In Type of message to journal, select 'Internal Messages only'.
    Click Next
    Click Submit