The outbound connector is required if you want all your outbound emails to appear in the live tracking of MPmail. It is also compulsory if you are using MParchive as outgoing emails can only be archived if they are routed through the filter.


  • Office 365 customer setup on MPmail
  • Office 365 admin account
  • MPmail with in the Outbound Relay, must have been done at least 60 minutes prior
  • MPmail Outbound Smarthost address
  • MPmail include added to SPF for the domain


Outbound smarthost address will be <domain>

MPmail include :

The Process

Step 1: Set up an outbound connector 

  • Login to the M365 portal as admin
  • Click into the Exchange Admin C
  • Go to ‘Mail flow’ 
  • ‘connectors’ 
  • ‘add a connector

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  • From: Office 365
  • To: Partner organization

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  • Add a Connector Name

  • Use of connector = ‘Only when email messages are sent to these domain
    • Add an asterisk * -- You need to click the ‘+’ or it will not accept it.


  • Security restrictions = not mandatory, but if you would like to ensure that all messages sent outbound through the smarthost are sent via TLS please leave this window as the default option as below 

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  • Validation – enter an email address that you have access to. This is only for verification that the rule is correctly configured.

  • Once validation is complete, click ‘create’