This article will cover how you setup a connector to send all traffic Outbound via MPmail. To get the MParchive product working, all outbound traffic must be going via 


  • Outbound smarthost address from Manage Protect
  • Customer setup in MParchive
  • Access to Office 365 admin panel for the Customer

The Process

To send all emails outbound through Manage Protect Smarthost:

  • Go to 'Mail flow'
  • 'Connectors'
  • Click '+'
  • Add connector, select scenario.
  • From: Office 365
  • To: Partner Organisation 


  • Apply a useful Name to the connector and click 'Next'

  • Choose 'Only when email messages are sent to these domains' and add you Domains or for the purposes of this example, Add * 

  • Then press next and choose the option: 'Route email through these smarthosts'. Click the '+' option and add

  • Click Save
  • The next option is not mandatory, but if you would like to ensure that all messages sent outbound through the smarthost are sent via TLS please leave this window as the default option as below 

  • Click 'Next' and you will then be presented with a summary of the scenario 

  • Click 'Next' to apply and you will be presented with a validate connector window


  • You should enter an external email address and Office 365 will validate the connector and attempt to send a test message though the smarthost
  • You should see the following results when validation is complete.