This article will cover what to look for when you are receiving messages that your Workplace Agent is offline.


  • A Workplace Customer
  • Workplace Desktop Agent installed
  • Username/Password

The Process

Verify if the device is a current installed or old

The alerts may be in relation to an old version of Workplace Desktop, either on a machine no longer in use, or a previous installation of Workplace Desktop. To resolve the issue:

  • Login to Workplace Online
  • Navigate to the Devices tab
  • Check that the devices you use show as Online (if they are actually expected to be online). Any devices that are no longer in use can be recycled
  • Click the device you would like to recycle
  • Click Manage Device
  • Click the Recycle button. Devices will Recycle in 14 days

Ensure Workplace Desktop is running and that 'Start Workplace on Login' is enabled

  • Click the Workplace Desktop icon  or  in the menu bar/taskbar, and select Preferences…
  • Confirm that the Workplace Desktop instance shows as Connected.
  • Confirm that the Start on login check box is selected.

Upgrade to the latest version of Workplace Desktop

Go to the Workplace Login page and click the Download button to download the most recent version of Workplace Desktop.