This article will cover troubleshooting steps for when Workplace Desktop Agent is not syncing to Workplace Online.


  • A Workplace Team
  • Workplace Desktop Agent installed
  • A project or files that are not syncing

The Process

If Workplace Desktop stops syncing:

  1. Confirm that you are running the latest version of the Workplace Desktop
  2. Confirm that you have an Internet connection - test by logging into Workplace Online, thus ensuring you have a valid Internet connection and your login credentials are working. If you cannot log into Workplace Online see Unable to Log In
  3. Confirm that Workplace Desktop is online - the or  icon in your menu bar (Mac) or taskbar (Windows) will be displayed if it's online
  4. Ensure Workplace Desktop is allowed to sync via the current network connection. These settings can be amended on the Network tab of Workplace Desktop
  5. Make sure that the correct ports are open and the IP addresses are accessible. Please see Workplace Desktop Ports and IP Addresses
  6. If your Workplace folder has been moved to an alternative disk/drive, note that at least 500MB needs to be available on the drive on which Workplace Desktop is installed. Furthermore, the files are cached during syncing on the drive Workplace Desktop is install on, so in the case of large file it may require more than 500MB of free space
  7. Make sure you're not trying to sync one of the file types described in File Types To Avoid Syncing
  8. Confirm that the files you are trying to sync are not open

Version 10 Agent

  1. Before these steps, we recommend taking a copy any files you feel may not have synced to online to an alternate folder. This resets the sync queue, and files can be lost
  2. Open the agent from the system tray, and clock the cogwheel.
  3. Click Reset App
  4. Click Repair