This article will cover what the revert feature is as well as how to revert a project or folder to a previous version. Please note that reverting a project will change the files back to the state they were in at the time selected.


  • Workplace customer
  • Project Owner of the project or folder
  • At least one previous version of the project or folder

The Process

The revert feature allows you to revert a project or folder to a previous state. All files with a previous version will change to the version that existed at the time you selected to revert to. If a file is constantly updated you may need to go into Previous Versions on that file after the revert and change it to the most up to date version.

  • In a list view, right-click the project or folder and select Manage > Previous Versions.
  • In a detail view, click the More button, then select Manage > Previous Versions.
  • Use the Previous/Next buttons to choose the version you want to Revert to
  • Click Actions
  • Select Revert

If after the revert is complete it is not the correct date you can go back into Previous Versions to select a different date then run the Revert again.

After starting the Revert you will get a Task Progress Bar at the bottom of the portal window where you will be able to track the progress.

Note : Previous Versions

Every time a file is synced or backed up via Workplace , a version is created and any changes are saved.

Versioning works in the following way:

A new version is created each time a file is saved.
All versions for the last hour are retained.
The last version from each hour for the last day is saved.
The last version from each day for the last week is saved.
The last version from each week for the last month is saved.
The last version from each month is saved for the last 6 months.
    After 6 months, the version is permanently deleted.