This article will cover how you can search for and restore an item or items to the original or different mailbox. Please note restoring to a different mailbox is only available for the item restore not a full mailbox restore.


  • A valid Backup365 customer
  • Details of the item you are searching for
  • Access to Converge

The Process

  • Log into Converge
  • Select the Customer from the list
  • Choose Backup365 from the Service drop down

  • Select the mailbox you want to search and restore an item for
  • Fill in the Item Search details

  • Click Search
  • Once you have found results you can click on them to see details about the email then choose which ones you want to restore by toggling next to each email
  • By default it will restore back into the original mailbox you can change this by choosing a different mailbox on the drop down. This will add it as a new mail in the chosen mailbox

  • Click Restore Selected after toggling the emails you want to restore