MPmail is your mail filtering, disaster recovery and archiving service. It encompasses 3 tiers of service.

  1. MPmail Ultimate Defence (MPMUD) - Mail filtering for spam, phishing, viruses and malware

  2. MPmail Ultimate Access (MPMUA) - Mail filtering combined with 90 day continuity service(disaster recovery) insuring that mail is stored and accessible in the event that your mail server is unable to receive mail.

  3. The MParchive service, which is an addon to MPMUA and can keep a full record of all internal journaled mail, as well as all mail sent in and out of the server's ports for 10 years.


The Process

This service can be easily provisioned using Manage Protects Converge platform. To access Converge, go to 

If you require a login for Converge and you are a Manage Protect partner, request credentials at

  1. Go to
  2. Login
  3. Under the Services tab, locate your customer. Click the customer name.
  4. If the customer is new, enter the customer's company name in the "New Customer" textbox, then click the "Create" button.
  5. Click the dropdown menu to select MPmail/MParchive
  6. Click the "New" button for your customer's domain.
  7. Enter the top level domain, but do not enter https:// or http://
  8. Click "create"
  9. If you require more than one domain name, these can be entered under "Aliases" using the same technique.
  10. Under "Billable Users" enter the number of people in your customer's company. This number needs to be accurate as it represents how many user licenses you are charging your customer for. Entering an incorrect Billable User count will result in an adjustment and potential backdating of charges by Manage Protect.
    This field is required and must be greater than 0.
  11. Select the product you want. See the intro to this article for more info on product tiers.
    This field is required.
  12. Leave the relay check set to "deactivated." This is used to automatically audit mailboxes and add them to an allowed recipient list. If this is a feature you would like to use, it can be set up by emailing
  13. Optionally select the services you would like.
    • Enable Spam Report - Automatically sends an emailed spam report to each user twice a day. Frequency and timing can be adjusted by contacting the support team.
    • Enable Content Filtering - Automatically blocks most attachments, aside from known benign file types (txt, jpg, png etc)
    • Configure Infomail - Blocks legitimate newsletters. We advise you tick the checkbox then disable, as this filter is very aggressive and frequently causes false positives.
  14. Turn Archiving on if your customer desires it and is purchasing MParchive (see top of page for more info). Note that this an additional charge.
  15. Insert the IP address for your customer's mail server in the Inbound IP/Hostname field. If they are on a local server, this may be an IP address. If they have a domain or subdomain, for example you can enter that here. Set the port to 25.
    • If your customer will be using our MPexchange bundle and they don't have an existing configuration, you must enter with port 2501. Failure to use these exact details will prevent mail flow in this instance.
    • If your customer uses Microsoft 365 you will need to add the Microsoft 365 MX record to the inbound IP/Hostname. This is almost always in the format so for it would be But check your Microsoft 365 Admin centre to be certain as there are occasional exceptions to the rule.
  16. In the outbound IP section, click the + and insert the IP address that your mail server will be sending on. This doesn't work with text based addresses do any rolling IP systems or dynamic DNS resolvers cannot be used here. 
    • If you are using the MPexchange bundle you don't need to add an address here.
    • If you are using Microsoft 365 you need to have an outbound IP of
  17. Click the Save button.

When provisioning has successfully completed you'll see a green dialog box appear confirming successful setup.

In order to finalise the settings, and for recommended settings for MPmail, please continue to the article

MPmail : Recommended Configuration