This article describes how to cancel the Backup365 service from the Converge portal.


What the Partner/Customer will need to be able to complete the steps, for example

  • A Converge portal account
  • Customer with Backup365

The Process

1. Log into the Converge portal and then click into the 'Services' section.

2. Find the Backup365 customer that you want to cancel the service for in the list of customers and click the Backup365 icon next to it3. Click Remove Mailbox Backup to cancel the mailbox backups

4. If the customer has Backup365 Complete (B365C - includes sharepoint/onedrive backups) then this will also need to be cancelled. To do this, click the sharepoint/Onedrive tab and click Remove Sharepoint/Onedrive Backup.

5. The service is now cancelled.