Backup365 is all about delivering “peace of mind” while making the experience for our customers as frictionless, and simple as possible. However, life and technology isn’t actually normally like this! In order for us to make things simple for the “many” we need to make some rules to protect our service, and our business from abuse or unexpected use cases from the “few” which may cause us commercial or technical harm. This is our Acceptable Use Policy.


Acceptable SharePoint / OneDrive Storage quota per User

Backup365 [NZ] is billed per active backed up user. We have intentionally allowed partners to backup any and all SharePoint and OneDrive services that need to be backed up for the customer. Backup365 allocate a storage quota "per user" of 100gb. 

This means, that for every billable user of backup365, you may use up to 100gb of storage in SharePoint and OneDrive. If you have 10 users, then you have 1TB of storage (100gb x 10) which you may utilise for this customer. If you exceed this ratio, you may be contacted by a Manage Protect's representative to resolve this imbalance in a way that is appropriate to our Acceptable Use Policy.

Internal Use Licences

At Manage Protect we want our partners to be living and breathing the Backup365 service. We believe the best way to help them get started is to provide the service for their own use free of charge. 

However, if after 6 months you do not have at least 4 paid licences, per 1 IUL licenced user then your IUL service will revert to a normal paid account. 

Impacting Service Performance

As a SaaS Multi-tenant service is it important for Backup365 to protect our resources and technology from unintended or unacceptable usage. As such, we reserve the right to limit usage and/or charge additional amounts if usage:

  • results in excessive bandwidth or storage; or
  • harms our service, network, or any computing resource; or
  • System circumvents intended use of the product.