You can invite other people to access the Backup365 portal, whether another partner user, or an end user to access their customer only.


  • An admin login to the Backup365 portal.
  • The invited email address must be an Office 365 email address or the invite will fail. and accounts are not Office 365 accounts, these will also fail.

The Process

Login to the Backup365 portal with your admin level account.

Navigate to the level where you wish the new user to have access. If you want them to have access at the partner level, you will need to be at the partner level in the portal. If you want them to have single customer access, you will need to be at the customer account level.

Click the 'People' link at the top of the screen.

Click 'Create Invite' at the top right.

Enter the email address of the person to be invited

Choose a role for them

Click Create

For a description of roles, please refer to

Backup365 - Role Descriptions