How to provision a customer with Backup365.

Backup365 Complete is also covered, this is an additional step to provision the Sharepoint/Onedrive component.


  • An admin level Converge account
  • A customer with Microsoft 365 or MPexchange/Business 365.

The Process

If the customer is not in the Converge portal, they will need to be added.

How to add a new customer to Converge

Click the customer record, and then either select the Backup365 icon, or choose Backup365 from the pull down

MPexchange Provisioning

If MPexchange is available for provisioning, the Backup365 window will show an option to Provision. Click this and Backup365 will provision.

Microsoft 365 Provisioning

In the Backup365 provisioning screen, if the tenancy domain is not displayed, click edit and type the tenancy domain and click save.

The Backup365 provisioning screen will now display the tenancy domain and an option to click Authorise. Click this and it will take you to a Microsoft 365 login screen. You will need an account with admin credentials in the Microsoft 365 tenancy. Enter these and then you will be asked to accept the access for Backup365 to be able to access the tenancy data.

Once Backup365 is authorised, the screen will change and allow you to click 'Provision'. Once clicked, the screen will now change to show 'Provisioning in progress'. This may take several hours while Backup365 collects all the required information.

If Sharepoint backup is also desired, click the Sharepoint/OneDrive link at the top of the screen, and click 'Provision'.

Microsoft 365 and MPexchange

Once it is complete, the screen will show 'Active' for the relevant service, and also display all the mailboxes and their backup status. If Sharepoint/OneDrive has also been selected (Microsoft 365 only) you can also see the status of the sites that are being