Backup365 have a series of services that are provided as a service on request:



MSP Cost

Search & restore individual file in SharePoint/OneDrive

Backup365 provides a folder tree based restore mechanism for files in SharePoint and OneDrive. This ESR requests that we perform a search for a specific file across an entire site / account and restore the requested version. 


Restore a SharePoint site or OneDrive drive back into the same tenant

Backup365 only allows SharePoint sites and OneDrive accounts to be restored into a new folder. This ESR requests the restore of the site or OneDrive account back into a site/drive, optionally within a specified folder.


Restore a folder from Mailbox or SharePoint / OneDrive

Backup365 does not currently support entire folder restores in either SharePoint / OneDrive or Email. However, this function can be provided via this ESR.


Export of mailbox to another tenant

capped to $500*
(anything over 1TB of data to be P.O.A)


Export of mailbox to PST

$60/mailbox capped to $2,000* (anything over 1TB of data to be P.O.A).


Export of SharePoint/OneDrive to another tenant



Export of SharePoint/OneDrive to NFS, S3 or Portable HDD

$30/100GB   $500 min,
HDD (provided by partner)