\Migrate a tenant that already exists with Rhipe\

In order to process your request to assume billing responsibility of your customer from an existing rhipe CSP partner, we need to be provided with written approval from your customer which contains the following:

Customer details including organisation name, any tenant domain, plus the authorising contact's name, position and contact details;

Confirmation that they appoint you as the sole billing provider of their Microsoft CSP Licensing (including but not limited to Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and and CSP Azure Subscriptions) plus any ISV attached services;

Confirmation that they have informed their current CSP Partner of their intention to move the CSP billing from them, and that they should make no changes to their licensing in the meantime (wholesale provider will make change on your behalf); and

Any effective date that this change needs to be actioned, as long as that this is provided to rhipe at least 2 business days in advance.

rhipe takes our responsibility as a wholesale provider seriously. So you can control your relationship with your customer, we ask that you do not CC them on this ticket, or ask them to send approval to us directly. They should send it to you, and forward it to us in this ticket email as an attachment.

Once the request is received, it will need to be checked for issues that may cause problems. We reserve the right not to proceed with this change until these issues are resolved, however we undertake to work with you to resolve these.

Under the new CSP invoicing method, these changes can be processed at any time. When these changes occur during the billing period, each partner will be billed a pro-rated amount for the billing period with the dates shown on the invoices. Your customer is liable to their existing partner for the charges up to the date where your next invoice commences.