This article will cover how to Whitelist/Blacklist a senders address as an admin


  • A Partner admin level log in to the MPmail Portal
  • The MPmail Customer you want to whitelist/blacklist the sender address for
  • Whether it is a User or Customer level Whitelist/Blacklist entry

The Process

To Whitelist/Blacklist you will need to log in as an admin, you can either do this through the Live Tracking screen or the Deny & Allow Lists screen.


  • Log into your Partner admin level account
  • Select the Customer domain from the scope selector at the top right (or if you only want to black/whitelist for an individual, select their email address)
  • Click the coloured arrow on the right of an email with the sender you want to Allow/Deny
  • Select Add Sender to Allow List or Add Sender to Deny List

To view the Allow/Deny List:

  • Select the scope (user or domain) from the selector at the top right
  • Click the Deny & Allow List option on the left side
  • This will show you the Allow List first by default, be sure to change to the Deny List tab if you want to view/edit the Deny List
  • From here you can also add to/remove from the lists by clicking Add and entering the details to Add or by clicking the X on the right of the sender to remove