This article will cover how you can perform a full SharePoint site or OneDrive restore. 

Please note that a full restore can only be done into the original mailbox and will re-create the entire folder structure under a new folder.


  • A valid Backup365 customer
  • A Converge reseller login
  • The details of the full restore you want to perform (site name, time, date)

The Process

  • Log into Converge
  • Select the Customer from the list
  • Choose Backup365 from the Service drop down

  • Select the SharePoint /OneDrive site you want to do a full restore for
  • Click View Restore Points under Full Restore

  • You can either enter the date/time you want to restore to or select it from the image underneath by clicking on the Month then Day then Time

  • Once you have selected the point you want to restore to, click the Restore button. The SharePoint site will be restore to this point in time.