This article will cover how you can search for and restore an item in your SharePoint / OneDrive backup and restore this.

There are two ways to search for an item in your backup. 1) Granular Search; or 2) Browse your Site/Folder tree to find the item you require and then select it for restoration.


  • A valid Backup365 customer
  • Details of the item you are searching for
  • Access to Converge

The Process

  • Log into Converge
  • Select the Customer from the list
  • Choose Backup365 from the Service drop down

  • Select the Site you want to search and restore an item for

Option 1: Browse Files

Once you have selected your site, select the Browse File option by pressing the "Browse" button. A window will appear, where you may then select what "date" you wish to browse/restore your file back from (if you are unsure, just leave this blank and start selecting from the files/folder below the date field).

As you browse the backups you will see the list of files/folders above (bread crumbs), and your files below. Once you have found your file,  select it by clicking on it.

When you select an item, all versions of the item will appear. By clicking on the version, it will show you the information about the version and provide options of sites/folders to restore this file to. Once this has been selected, simply click on the "Restore Item" button to restore your file.

Option 2: Search files

If there are any files your require, or you are unable to find the file you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact support directly and we can perform a manual operations search and restore. There is no fee for this service.