How Do I Whitelist/Blacklist - User


This article will cover how to Whitelist/Blacklist a senders address as an End User.


The Process

There are three ways for you to Whitelist/Blacklist an entry as an End User. You can either use the MPmail Portal with the Workspace, the Black/Whitelist page or the Outlook Add-in. Please see What Is The Outlook Add-in and What Does It Do for details on how to install the Add-in.


  • Log into the MPmail Portal as your User account
  • Make sure you are on the Workspace tab
  • Tick an Email with the sender you want to Allow/Deny
  • Click the drop down under User options. This will only Whitelist/Blacklist it for the Emails recipient
  • Select Either Blacklist Sender or Whitelist + deliver. If this has already been delivered it will just Whitelist
  • Click Perform Action under the User options box


  • Log into the MPmail Portal as your User account
  • Select the Black/Whitelist tab
  • Choose the User Whitelist or User Blacklist tab. Please note if the same entry is on both lists then the Whitelist will be applied.
  • Enter the Email address you want to Allow or Deny in the Sender box
  • Click Add
  • Click Save

Outlook Add-In

  • Select the Email in your Outlook
  • Click Blacklist or Whitelist