Whitelisted Address Still Quarantined


An email address or domain has been whitelisted but the Email is still being quarantined as Content/Virus.


  • A Partner/Customer admin level login
  • The details of the Email that has been quarantined
  • The address that has been Whitelisted previously

Troubleshooting Steps

First check that the address that was whitelisted wasn't whitelisted under a different user. To do this:

  • Log into MPmail Control Panel
  • Go to Black/Whitelist tab
  • Pick the Customer from the dropdown and check the User Whitelist tab

Check the User Blacklist and Customer Blacklist tabs as well to make sure it hasn't been added there. Use the instructions above to get to those tabs as well.

Check that it has not been entered as a wildcard, you cannot use *.domain.com or *@domain.com in the Whitelist. It will allow you to save these entries but they will not actually work.


If the Whitelisting is correct and troubleshooting steps have been followed then you will need to create a Compliance Filter rule to allow this.

Whitelisting a domain will not get past the Virus/Content filters, you need to use the Compliance Filter to tag those types of messages clean. You can learn how to do this by using the following article:

How To Set A Compliance Filter Rule