What Is The Outlook Add-in and What Does It Do


This article will cover what the Outlook Add-in is and what you can do with it. You can download the file by clicking the link below 

Outlook Add-In


The Process

Our end user only Outlook Plugin combines the MPMail email filtering service and MPArchive email archiving service seamlessly.

Users can perform multiple actions directly from within Outlook without the need to access our control panel at all.
End users can:  

  • Report emails as spam
  • Report emails as Info-mail
  • Add email senders to user specific Blacklist profiles
  • Add email senders to user specific Whitelist profiles
  • Request on demand spam report/spam digest
  • Search the end users personal email archive
  • Read personal archived email content
  • Replay historical archived emails
  • Respond to historically archived emails
  • Forward copies of personally archived emails