What Is Audit Access


This article will cover what audit access is, what you need to use it and provide a link on how to set it up for a Customer.


The Process

Audit access gives a single user the ability to view all of a Customers MParchive. They will still log into their own account but will then select Start Auditing under the Email Archive tab.

After the click Start auditing they will be requested to enter a password for a Control User. This second user exists from a security perspective so that you know that someone is going in and searching the entire Archive for a particular Customer. We suggest that the Control User is setup by you, generally call it auditaccess@customersdomain.com.

You will either need to provide this second password or log in remotely each time they want to search the entire archive. This is not a feature we can turn off.

Please note that during the setup of Audit Access that you will need to setup both the date range of how long they will have the ability to do the auditing as well as the date range of the Emails they will be able to search.

How To Setup Audit Access will cover the steps on how to get this working and Searching Company Archive - Start Auditing will provide a User guide.