Searching Company Archive - Start Auditing


This article will cover how you use the auditing feature to search your Company's archive. You will need have been setup to use this by your Managed Services Provider.


  • A valid login to MParchive Portal
  • User has been setup with Auditing ability
  • The Control User password (your Managed Service Provider will have this)

The Process

  • Log into the MParchive Portal as your User account
  • Go to Email Archive tab
  • Click Start auditing
  • Enter the Control User password or have your Managed Service Provider do this

This will load your entire companies archive, you will run a search the same as you would for your own archive. See 

Please note that there is no way to download an export of the Emails through this method. What you will need to do is tick the Emails you want then click Deliver, this will deliver the Emails to your inbox. If you are using Outlook on Windows they will appear as new Emails, however, if you are using a Mac and Outlook they will retain the original time stamp and you will need to search for them.