Search for a particular Email in Workspace


This will guide you on how to search for an Email in the Workspace


  • A valid User level login
  • Details of the Email you are searching for. These should include any of the following Date/Time, Sender, Recipient, Subject Line

The Process

Please note that you can only search back 3 months for a particular Email.

The first thing to do is set the Date column to be the Month of the Email you are looking for. You will need to search Month by Month or set a specific Date Range with the Select option

You can search via any of the column headers:

From - This is the senders address, if you want to, you can wildcard the search. For example *manage*

To - This is the recipients address, same as above you can wildcard

Subject - This is the subject line of the email. We suggest always using a wildcard here as it will give the most results.

Reason - This is only used if the email has triggered a compliance rule or has been quarantined. You can use the following article to find Reason codes to search by:

Workspace Reason Codes - Why did this Email Get Delivered/Quarantined/Blocked

Display Filter and Status are not searchable but have certain filters already built in that can narrow down a search.

Display Filter - Can filter by Spam, Virus, Content, Rejected. Adopted will show all filters except Rejected, this is because the Rejected are only logged for 7 days.

Status - Can filter by Delivered, Deferred or Rejected. The Rejected logs here are 3 months long and this is rejected by your Exchange server.