Requesting to Add ATP


This article will cover how you request ATP setup with EveryCloud. 


  • EC ATP Template.docx  - Please do not send file to Partners, ask them for the details needed in this template
  • ATP turned on in the customer
  • List of URLs that should not be re-written
  • List of high level users email addresses for Fraud Protection

The Process

Please note that there is a 24 hour turnaround when requesting ATP to be setup.

When requesting ATP to be added to a customer you must do the following:

  • Turn on ATP in the Customer within MPmail

  • Ask Partner/Customer for a list URLs that they do not want to be re-written as well as a list of email addresses for the Fraud Protection
  • Fill out the EC ATP Template yourself with the informations the Partner provided
  • Create ticket with EC with the filled out template attached asking them to turn on all features at once for all domains (primary and alias). If you do not ask them to turn on all features at the same time they will stagger as follows:

Sandbox Engine

ATP URL re-writer

Targeted Fraud Forensic Filter

If you do not ask for all domains under a Customer and list all of them EC will only activate for the Primary Domain.

Please note that any reports will have Hornet Security branding and European Time Zones. There is a feature request in to get the correct Time Zone but the branding will not change at this time.

Once a URL has been re-written it stays that way indefinitely. Use URL Rewrite Decode to find the original link.

URL re-writing will not happen for URLs that are known as good/safe in the Hornet system.