Release A Spam Message - User Account - Non-Admin


This article will cover how you release a message that has been quarantined due to spam in the Control Panel


  • A valid MPmail User level login

The Process

  • Go to
  • Login using your MPmail username (will be your email address) and password
  • First change the date to the Month of the message you are searching for (we keep quarantined messages for 3 months)

  • You can type a search word in any column, we do suggest entering a * before and after your search word. For example *manage* in the from field will match any sender address with manage in it.
  • In the Display Filter column select Spam from the drop down
  • Once you have located the Email you want tick the box on the far left to select it
  • In the User options, click the drop down and select Deliver Email (if you would like to always receive emails from that sender, choose Whitelist + Deliver)
  • Click Perform Action

Notes: This feature is a deliver not a release, so if you click Perform action 20 times, you will receive 20 copies of this message. It can take up to 5 minutes for the Email to arrive, please make sure you have checked your Email clients junk folder before trying to deliver again.

If you are using a Mac take note of the original date stamp in the portal as Outlook 2016 on Mac will retain the original date stamp and it will be further down in your Inbox than you might expect.