Provisioning Workplace Unlimited Plans

As of the 1st of December 2019, all existing partners who have been on legacy Soonr Pro and Enterprise plans have been moved over to "Metered Plans".

Key difference to consider in the change from Metered to Unlimited are:

  • Unlimited licensing is restricted to 3 desktop agents, 3 mobile agents and 3 Online (web) agents, where as Metered has 10 mobile agents.
  • Unlimited Desktop does not support the sync of external devices or mounted shares such as NAS's, external drives etc (you will need Unlimited Server for this).
  • Unlimited does not support "backup" functionality which is available within the Metered plan.

Once your reseller account has been enabled to provision the new "Unlimited Plans", you will be able to use the instructions below to convert a customer from "Metered" to "Unlimited".

Login to your Workplace reseller portal, and Select "Teams, Edit Team".

Select the team you wish to upgrade to the "Unlimited Plan", and Select "Unlimited".

The portal will report any issues or concerns with the transition from Metered to Unlimited, as stated above.

It will then require you to enter your password to confirm.

Enter Password -- Done.