Microsoft Changes To CSP Direct

Recently Microsoft has announced changes to CSP direct requirements which will go live on 31 August 2018.

The new direct requirements may prove an issue for some partners, and Manage Protect can offer an alternative solution to those partners.

Outline of the changes

In order to become, and continue to be, a Microsoft CSP direct partner, which is a mandatory requirement for QMTH (Qualified Multitenant Hosting), partners now need to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Ongoing partner performance, based on revenue and growth that are periodically assessedThere has been no sharing of a specific threshold from Microsoft, and any threshold is subject to change.
  2. Partners need to provide value-added services and support
    - Partner to have at least one managed service, IP service, customer solution, or application
    - Minimum infrastructure capabilities, including billing, credit check, customer support
    - Partner to provide support to their end customers
  3. Partners to purchase a premium Microsoft support, either Microsoft Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) (minimum USD$15,000 annually) or Microsoft Premier Support for Partners (PSfP). Premier support is even more expensive, and the cost depends on the scope. 

These new requirements apply to both renewing and new CSP direct partners.

New requirements will take effect on 31 August 2018and Microsoft are not accepting new enrolments until then.

What can I do?

Based on the new criteria above, many of you will have to review the viability of your enrolment in the Microsoft CSP direct partner program.

The good news is Manage Protect offers the full suite of Microsoft Office 365 services through our own partner program. By using Manage Protect for Office 365 services you can avoid the complexities and costs now required by Microsoft.

We make it easy to provision and manage user licences through our Converge partner portal. Billing is automated with Manage Protect via ConnectWise or Autotask billing integration, and we offer simple calendar month billing.

Continuity of your customers’ Microsoft services is paramount. Contact your Account Manager or email to discuss how we can help you.