Manage Protect Office 365 Teams Categories


This article will cover our own internal Office 365 team categories and how to use them.


  • Office 365 account on Manage Protect tenant - see tech if you don't have this or don't remember your password
  • Office 365 Teams app, get it from here

The Process

Install the Teams app and sign in using your Office 365 credentials, you will have access to certain categories on your favourites.

I have broken Teams up into their correct departments, and provided an all users Manage Protect section where departments can request tasks or chat with each other.

Manage ProtectAll employees
Tech SupportSupport Desk, Andrew, Sean, Damien
SalesSales team, Andrew, Dana, Damien, Vickie, Rubi
MarketingAndrew, Vickie
DevAndrew, Vickie, Damien
Product ManagementAndrew, Vickie, Sean

The Manage Protect team has specific channels to ask other departments questions and escalations, this is instead of it going into the Tech teams chat which is happening in Skype.

The owners of each team can create new channels underneath to separate discussion as I have done in Manage Protect.

Please make sure that communication goes into the right Team and channel so we keep this clean, organised and easier to read.