Manage Protect - Azure Billing


This Knowledge base Article will describe how the billing of Microsoft Azure Services works at Manage Protect.


Microsoft Azure Services


Microsoft Azure Services at Manage Protect are billed 1 month in Arrears (PAYG)

Manage Protect Pre-Billing Invoice will not include the Microsoft Azure Usage, however will be included in the Manage Protect Invoice distributed on the 2nd of the month.

A 5% to 7% Discount off RRP will be passed on to the Manage Protect Partner dependant on which components have been utilised / provisioned, and what Partner Tier Level you are with Manage Protect (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

An Azure Breakdown Usage Report can be requested from Manage Protect by sending an email to 

ConnectWise / Autotask PSA Integration:

Azure usage will not be synced to the PSA of choice until the Manage Protect Invoice (2nd of the month) is distributed