How To Setup Audit Access


This article will show you how to create your Control User, then setup Audit Access. Please see What Is Audit Access for details on what Audit Access is and details about it (including the Control User).


The Process

Please confirm that the User you want to have access the Auditing of MParchive has a password set and is active, the link in requirements will help you do this.

Create Your Control User

  • Log into your Partner admin account
  • Go to the Management tab
  • Select the Customer
  • Click on Postboxes
  • Enter the Username you want
  • Choose the domain (if you have more than one)
  • Enter a Password
  • Click Add
  • Click Save

Take note of this Password as it will have to be entered each time a user wants to access the auditing.

Setup Audit Access

  • Click on Email
  • Click Archiving
  • Click on Audit Access tab
  • Tick the Activate Audit Access box

  • Choose the User you want to give the auditing access to. This is the account you will log in as to do the auditing, not the emails you will see once you start auditing.

  • Choose the date range that the auditing ability will be active for. If you want them to be able to perform a whole MParchive search for a week, set it for that long, for permanent you will need to click far into the future.

  • Choose the date range of the emails that will be searchable. You will want to set the From date to the beginning of the first item in MParchive if you want them to have access to everything and then set the Until Date way in the future if you are going to give them permanent access

  • Select the Control User you previously set up. 
  • Click Save

Please see Searching Company Archive - Start Auditing for details on how the end user will do an audit search.