How To Configure Your Printer/Copier/Scanner to Send Email Via MPexchange


This article will cover how to setup a Customers Printer/Copier/Scanner to work with a MPexchange mailbox.


  • An admin level login to MPexchange Partner Portal
  • The Username/Password for the account you are going to use to send
  • Admin login to the Printer/Copier/Scanner

The Process

Get the SMTP Address

The first thing to do is to get the SMTP address that you will need to enter on the device, to do this:

  • Log into MPexchange Partner Portal
  • Display the list of your Customers by selecting Active Accounts under Customer Accounts on the left hand menu

  • Click Login next to the Customer you want to get the SMTP address for
  • Select Services then Mailboxes

  • In the left hand menu select Resources

  • Grab the address next to Outgoing Mail (SMTP):

Setup on your Customers device

Once you have obtained the SMTP address you will need to log into your Customers Printer/Copier/Scanner and enter that into Outgoing mail server.

For ports you will need to use either port 25 or 587.

TLS Connection should be enabled, if you do not have TLS please enable SSL.

Username and Password will be any of the Customers mailboxes, you must use a mailbox for this to work.