How To Whitelist/Blacklist - Admin


This article will cover how to Whitelist/Blacklist a senders address as an admin


  • A Partner admin level log in to the MPmail Portal
  • The MPmail Customer you want to whitelist/blacklist the sender address for
  • Whether it is a User or Customer level Whitelist/Blacklist entry

The Process

To Whitelist/Blacklist you will need to log in as an admin, you can either do this through the Workspace or the Black/Whitelist tab.


  • Log into your Partner admin level account
  • Make sure you are on the Workspace tab
  • Select the Customer from the drop down

  • Tick an Email with the sender you want to Allow/Deny
  • Click the drop down under User options. This will only Whitelist/Blacklist it for the Emails recipient
  • Select Either Blacklist Sender or Whitelist + deliver. If this has already been delivered it will just Whitelist
  • Click Perform Action under the User options box

  • If you want to Whitelist/Blacklist for the whole Customer select the Admin options drop down
  • Select either Blacklist or Whitelist
  • Click Perform Action under the Admin options box

Black/Whitelist tab

  • Log into your Partner admin level account
  • Click on the Black/Whitelist tab
  • Select the Customer from the drop-down. This will load any existing entries they have on their Black/Whitelists

  • You have four choices of tabs here User Whitelist, User Blacklist, Customer Whitelist, Customer Blacklist. If an entry is on both the User Whitelist and Customer Blacklist, the email will be Blacklisted for everyone but the one User who has it on their Whitelist.
  • If adding to a Users Black/Whitelist click the Select button underneath User to choose the User you want to add to
  • Type the entry in the box next to that, click Add then Save

  • If you have multiple entries then you can use the Import feature down the bottom

  • If adding to a Customers Black/Whitelist you just enter the Sender, click Add and then Save

If you would like to clear the Black/Whitelist for a Customer:

  • Go to the Black/Whitelist tab
  • Click on the White/Blacklist tab that you want to clear
  • Click the + Symbol

  • Enter in the Import text box
  • Click Import
  • Click the box that says Add + Delete Old
  • Click Import again
  • Remove the entry and click Save

Please note that you cannot wildcard entries on the Black/Whitelist, it will accept you adding it but it won't actually perform any function. You will need to enter either an email address, domain or IP address.